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High Performance Agile Teams 
WHEN: 25-26 of October, 2019
VENUE: Vilnius (will be announced)
Anna Obukhova
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EARLY BIRD (till 4th of Oct):
499€ (+ VAT)
599€ (+ VAT)
You can register to the training by filling the registration form. If you have any questions, contact us:

How do you understand that this training is for you?

Let's assume that you are a manager or a leader of the team, and it is obvious that team is solving tasks not efficiently enough. Your team is not fully welcoming your initiatives or not reacting to them at all. You wish to achieve more with your team. You have already tried stick and carrot, but nothing works as expected.

Or, maybe, you are a member of such team and would like to help colleagues to become more productive and create a more engaging and active working process.

HR and marketing people can understand which processes in Agile teams lead to a higher productivity and how to influence them.

So, this training is right for you, if you are:

  • Scrum Master and Agile Leader (manager)

  • Member of a team

  • From the adjacent disciplines (HR, marketing)

Training topics

Energy: we will investigate what is most important for your productivity. How the amount of your energy and energy of your employees influences the mood, motivation, and outcome of the process.

Leadership: continue the energy topic and understand, how much energy should a person have in order to be perceived as a leader. What happens when a leader loses energy, and how the processes change in a team due that? We will test your leadership style and see if you are losing energy by following someone else’s models.

Framework: compile the productivity model of an Agile team. 6 elements and 20+ practices that will allow your team to gain maximum out of doing the assigned tasks.

External environment: receive the practices for changing the external environment to help the team to solve problems more efficiently within the same time period.

Internal environment: study how the brain works to understand how to stimulate the processes inside the team, increase the focus and manage motivation while reaching objectives.

Burning-out: investigate what precedes it, how it looks and feels, why burning-out is dangerous and how to prevent it.


After the training you will:


  • what the performance is and what affects it

  • how does the brain work and how to help it

  • how the external and internal environment affects the processes in the team

  • who becomes the leader, what prevents him/her from that and what helps


  • how you charge and discharge your internal battery

  • how the insights happen


  • 20+ tools for working with the team and yourself

  • tests to diagnose yourself and the team

  • templates and tools for team discussions


The training uses approaches from: Agile, management, neuroscience, coaching, psychology, facilitation. References to the existing techniques with explanations about how they work will be used, if Agile proposes a solution. Techniques from other fields will be used, if Agile does not have it, but it does not contradict the Agile mindset.

About the author

Now let’s meet if you found yourself and your objectives in the description.

I, Anna Obukhova, am an expert of agile methodologies, and my specialization is people. I think, that it is important not to “squeeze” a person in the team, but to understand how to change the processes in order to increase the productivity with the help of the brain science. Whether it is a one-person, or the entire team.

Graduated from the Neuroleadership Institute and gained the actual knowledge of how understanding the brain helps team-leads to influence the efficiency of the processes. Practicing this topic more than 10 years, and more specifically, practicing Agile since 2004. From the QA engineer, scrum master, project and program manager to the portfolio manager of 100+ programs and $80M annual budget in the international bank, worked in Stockholm and London.

Received an MBA at Manchester Business School, specializing in global business. Applying my biology, psychology, coaching knowledge and education in enhancing the possibilities of the agile methodologies.

This two-day training is designed for your objectives, based on my knowledge and experience.

Are you interested in trainings?

You can register to the training by filling the registration form. If you have any questions, contact us:

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