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Agile around me, in the team and organization

DATE: 2024 April 25th
LOCATION: Vilnius, exact place will be provided for registered participants only
LANGUAGE: Lithuanian

Arūnas Penkaitis
EARLY BIRD (until April 20th):
275 € (+ VAT)
350 € (+ VAT)
Register by filling the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact or +37061703001

Since the Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, software development teams have successfully adopted Agile in their operations. Agile mindset allowed them to improve the quality of the products, better meet customer needs, and improve business results. As this mindset quickly spread around the world, leaders realized its value across the organization. In today's highly competitive business environment, a world of rapidly evolving technologies, ever-changing requirements, and multiple projects, the need to apply Agile has grown significantly beyond IT. So how can Agile values, principles and best practices be used to manage projects/products/services that are not software or IT in general?

The 8 academic hours course explores the Agile mindset and provides practical tools to apply it in both IT and non-IT domains: insurance, marketing, human resource management, construction, healthcare, education, change management, etc. During the training, Agile trainer Arūnas Penkaitis shares many years of practical experience and examples of how Agile can be successfully applied in each of our personal environments, at the scale of a team or organization.

Training program:
  • Agile around me - why and where it works. To be Agile or to do Agile?

  • Agile - mindset, 4 values and 12 principles

  • Empirical process or work according to a plan

  • Organizational activities - work in departments or teams

  • Value creation - in stages or all at once

  • Waterfall or Agile - the language of arguments

  • Product or project - where is the hidden essence and what to choose

  • Work from context or detailed task

  • Multitasking or concentration

  • A look at Scrum and Kanban. When and which to apply?

Who is the training for?

This course is designed for people responsible for managing, leading, coordinating and working with projects who have limited experience or knowledge of practical Agile project management methods. Those who may benefit from this course include:

  • Leaders;

  • Managers responsible for project coordination and management;

  • Managers responsible for business planning;

  • Project managers;

  • Project-related specialists.

Course objectives:


  • Deepen and understand Agile values, principles, benefits for business; 

  • Understand the difference between traditional Waterfall and Agile project management; 

  • To examine the characteristics of the Agile team;

  • To examine how to apply the Agile mindset and practices at work; 

  • Understand the difference between project and product thinking; 

  • Learn and understand Agile vocabulary and terminology; 

  • Understand when and how to apply Scrum and Kanban methods to non-IT projects; 

  • Learn to evaluate Agile project/product plan tasks; 

  • Try different Agile good practices and be able to apply them; 

  • Practically test and learn the application of Scrum in teams.


  • One day - 8 academic hours.

Training participants will receive an Agile Coach Certificate of Completion.

Book a place!

You can register by filling in the registration table. If you have any questions, please contact or +37061703001

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