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Arūnas Penkaitis

Arūnas Penkaitis is an Agile trainer / coach, mentor of the Women Go Tech program in Lithuania, an active member of the Lithuanian IT Executive Club CIO.LT and the former head of the Fleet System Competence Center.

Arūnas has more than 20 years of diverse international business experience (from business development director to group CEO and business owner) and IT (from information systems developer to IT director). He has been working according to the Agile Scrum methodology for 10 years, and has implemented the mentioned methodology on his own initiative both in his business company and in large groups of companies in finance, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, retail and wholesale and other fields.

Arūnas advises top business leaders and owners on Agile's impact on business, the work of value-creating teams, and the organization itself and its future. Mindset, values, principles are what everyone (especially the manager) needs to understand and know about Agile's operating principles and philosophy. Where and when Agile is right, and in what organizations, activities or teams it has no place and no time.

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