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Žydrūnas Naujokas

Žydrūnas has been working in the IT field for 15 years, 10 of them using various Agile tools. His main strength and motivation is the constant search for better ways to develop software and organize the company. Žydrūnas' favorite phrase is "there is no word good, there is a word better."


Žydrūnas has worked in many different positions for 15 years: programmer, team leader, Scrum master, team manager, department manager and product director. The start of his career was a great school “how not to do”. After gaining enough "how not to do" experience, Žydrūnas started to gather "how to do" experience. He became part of a very fast growing company and grew with it and went through several transformations. He had the honor of working with very strong mentors. All this experience allowed to form a multifaceted image, not only how to create software, but also to organize and manage the company.


Žydrūnas believes that the existing methods of managing and organizing companies will evolve over the next 10-15 years and become much more value-oriented.



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