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Advanced Scaling Course: LeSS Basics with scaled Lego4Scrum Simulation
LeSS Basics.png
WHEN: 2023 April 24-25th
LOCATION: the exact venue will be provided for registered participants
Alexey Krivitsky
EARLY BIRD (until 10 April):
1295€ (+ VAT)
1429€ (+ VAT)
You can register to the training by filling the registration form. If you have any questions, please contact  or +37061703001

“Don't scale Agile. Descale your organization instead” - this is the big idea of the class.
This training course includes LEGO4SCRUM simulation as well as "Certified LeSS Basics" (CLB) certification. 
Who should attend?

This class is for change agents who are on the journey of making their organizations more agile, more adaptive, and more humane. Organizational leaders, organizational consultants, agility coaches, and scrum masters – are the key audience of the class.



The class is built on top of these essential bodies of knowledge:

During the first day of the class, you will learn and experience how it is to work in different kinds of organizations. With simulations, you will experience the following organizational archetypes:

  • a pre-agile organization: waterfall-like functional organization

  • an organization trying "to do agile" with interdependent component and platform teams

  • a truly adaptive organization that uses Scrum at the product-level

During the second class day you will learn the modern views on how to approach change in a product development organization that is both deep and sustainable. You will learn key principles and essential practices of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) that make organization design simpler and open up the true agility of organizations.


The class is taught by Alexey Krivitsky, a LeSS-friendly Certified Scrum Trainer, with 17 years of field experience working as a software developer, manager, scrum master, and organizational consultant.


Upon course completion participants will earn a Certified LeSS Basics (CLB) badge:

Are you interested in trainings?

You can reserve a place for training by filling in the reservation form. If you have any questions, contact us: or +37061703001

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