Basics of Agile project management
DATE: 2021 January 21-22.
LOCATION: remotely
LANGUAGE: training will be in Lithuanian
Ieva Ričkė
EARLY BUIRD (until 15th Jan):
300 € (+ VAT)  
349 € (+ VAT)  
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Who is the training for?

For managers, project and product managers, team leaders and team members who want to better understand and apply methodologies.


Agile principles and methodology are widely applied in the development of modern products and the implementation of projects of various scopes. The Agile methodology is particularly effective in implementing rapidly changing customer needs and business goals. Developed on the basis of IT, the Agile methodology, thanks to its universal applicability, is increasingly penetrating other areas of business.

The aim of this training is to acquaint with the principles and methodology of Agile, to compare it with traditional methods of product development and project implementation, and to teach the application of the most popular Agile method (SCRUM).

During the course, based on the principles of Agile, we will learn to plan, evaluate the scope of work and describe the requirements. We will examine in detail the most popular Agile method - SCRUM - and understand its main elements - roles, processes and products.

The training consists of theoretical material combined with the practical personal experience of the lecturer in the implementation and use of Agile methods, a significant part of the training program - practical tasks that help to better understand and absorb information.

Training program?
  • Basics of AGILE project management:

    • Differences between agile and traditional methods;

    • Agile manifesto and principles.

  • Scrum method:

    • Compilation of a list of works;

    • Requirements writing, estimation and planning;

    • Scrum roles;

    • Scrum process.


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After the training, participants will understand the principles of effective work and the advantages of iterative work, learn to distinguish when and what methodology to use, understand how to plan and manage work in Agile, master the principles of requirements formation and assessment and be able to apply the Scrum method in their work environment.


  • One day (8 academic hours) in the classroom / two days (2 x 4 academic hours) remotely.

Training participants will receive an Agile Coach Agile Project Management Basics Training Certificate.

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